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Why Invest in ePolicy Institute Training?
Social Media Risks, Rules, Policies & Procedures
To Snoop on Employees’ Social Media or Not to Snoop
Electronic Risks, Rules, Policies & Procedures
Email Risks, Rules, Records & Regulations
Electronic Business Records
Mobile Device Risks & Compliance Rules
Writing Effective Email
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Writing & Implementing Effective Policies & Procedures
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Electronic Compliance Rules for Banks & Financial Services Firms

Why Invest in ePolicy Institute Training?

Writing Effective Email
The e-Policy Handbook
The ePolicy Toolkit
The Social Media Handbook
eMail Rules
Instant Messaging Rules
Blog Rules
Email Management
Networking for Success

Because Electronic Disasters Can Sink Companies & Shatter Careers

The ePolicy Institute offers seminars and webinars to clients seeking to minimize electronic risks, maximize compliance, and manage employees' online use and content. We are happy to customize programs to meet your specific training needs.

Our Training Programs Help Keep You in Business and Out of Court

ePolicy Institute training helps minimize costly & protracted risks including:
  • Workplace Lawsuits
  • Regulatory Violations & Fines
  • Mismanaged Business Records
  • Exposure of Confidential Company & Consumer Data
  • Security Breaches
  • Lost Productivity
  • Media Scrutiny
  • Miscommunication-Internal & External
  • PR Nightmares
  • Lost Credibility
  • Ruined Reputations
  • Tarnished Brands
  • Wasted Resources

Email, Social Media, Mobile Device & Web Risks, Records, Policies & Best Practices
From email and the web to social media and smartphones, electronic business communication is fraught with potentially costly and protracted risks for business. Seven-figure lawsuits, multimillion-dollar regulatory fines, the exposure of confidential data, mismanaged business records, lost productivity, security breaches, and PR nightmares top the list of electronic disasters that can sink companies and shatter careers.

Regardless of its status as a public or private entity, regulated or unregulated firm, multinational or midsized business, no organization can afford to ignore electronic risks and be without a compliance management program that combines effective policy supported by employee training.

3Es of Electronic Compliance Management
Establish effective policy
+ Educate employees
+ Enforce policy with discipline & technology
= Minimize costly & protracted risks
= Manage electronic business records
= Monitor employee use, content & productivity
= Maximize legal, regulatory & organizational compliance

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