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Writing Effective E-Mail

Writing Effective E-Mail

"Writing Effective E-Mail is a must-read for everyone who sends and receives e-mail in a business setting...Presented in a no-nonsense efficient style…Take this quick course to e-mail success."

-Business Librarians at the Carnegie Library, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Instant Messaging Rules

Instant Messaging Rules

"Employees' surreptitious use of IM can come back and bite your business in the bottom line, so it pays to learn about the technology and impose policies and standards."

-Harvard Business School, "Working Knowledge" Newsletter

The ePolicy Handbook

The ePolicy Handbook

"What every business book should be: easy to understand, full of practical tips, and provocative…You might not find a more useful business book this year, or next, than this one."

-Training Magazine

"If your company has an online presence-even one employee online-then buy this book."

-The Toronto Star

"A timely and comprehensive survival kit showing how to adopt and monitor effective e-policies without alienating a workforce that grew up in the computer age."

-Office Solutions

"The ePolicy Handbook is the perfect companion to have at your side when drawing up your policies."

-Legal Management

E-Mail Rules

Email Rules

"Top 10 Risk Management Books....37 rules for retaining and managing e-mail in ways to reduce corporate liability. Good stuff!"


"If you worry about liability and compliance with the law, this book provides the 'rules' you need to implement in your organization to control e-mail use and abuse."


"This delightful book contains 36 rules of e-mail management…I heartily recommend this book to anyone responsible for the outcomes of poorly managed e-mail systems."


"Businesses are advised to pick up a copy of E-Mail Rules."

-The Seattle Times

"E-Mail Rules…looks at the policies and processes for e-mail required to safeguard a company's security and legal standing."

-The Globe and Mail

"E-Mail Rules provides a business guide to managing policies, security and legal issues for e-mail and digital communications."

-Wall Street + Technology

"Clearly explains how to create email rules and policies...Practical, readable guide also provides strategies for dealing with spam, instant messaging, Listserv and chat."

-Transform Magazine

"A best-practices toolkit for maximizing the effectiveness of corporate e-mail systems."

-The Business Journal Online

"A well-organized guide to implementing e-risk management….Delivers a high-level training program for your clients."

-American Bar Association, Business Law Today