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Mobile Device Risks & Compliance Rules:

Managing Your Organization's BYOD & COPE Policies

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The use of mobile devices at work has shifted into high gear. Employees increasingly are using smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to conduct company and personal business. With employees clamoring to bring increasingly sophisticated smartphones to work, savvy employers are adapting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Company-Owned Personally Engaged (COPE) policies and technology tools to satisfy workforce demands, while managing workplace risks. Join Nancy Flynn, author of The Social Media Handbook, The ePolicy Toolkit, and The e-Policy Handbook, and executive director of The ePolicy Institute for this timely program.


  • Mobile device risks (legal, security, regulatory, productivity).
  • Legal liability when distracted employee-drivers cause crashes while texting, talking & tweeting.
  • How best practices-based policy helps manage mobile device risks.
  • How mobile tools can help (or harm) the organization's bottom line.
  • How to protect confidential customer and company data in the age of mobile devices.
  • Tips, tools & best practices for safe and secure mobile use.
  • How to write and implement effective Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Company-Owned Personally Engaged (COPE) policies & procedures.
  • Keys to safeguard data on personal and company-owned devices.
  • Practical ways to ensure legal, regulatory & organizational compliance.
  • Strategies to maximize employee productivity, manage business records & minimize risks.
  • How to monitor & manage the use of company-owned and personal phones.
  • Reconciling monitoring rights with privacy expectations.
  • Enforcing personal use rules to minimize risks & maximize productivity.
  • Mobile compliance management: Apply the 3Es.
  • Training tips: You can't expect an untrained workforce to be compliant.
  • Policy enforcement: Disciplinary rules & technology tools.
  • Reimbursement, legal, regulatory, records, security, productivity, privacy, ethics, and other considerations.
  • Learning from real-life mobile device disaster stories.
  • Expert advice, best practices, and policy templates that you can put to work immediately.
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