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Netiquette Rules: Writing Civil, Compliant, Conversational Email

Best practices call for adherence to the rules of netiquette, or electronic etiquette, when communicating via email, text messaging, social media, or any other electronic business communications tool. In other words, be polite, polished, and professional at all times. By adhering to the rules of netiquette, you can avoid potential compliance problems and enhance communication with all readers-internal and external.

The author of Writing Effective E-Mail, Nancy Flynn-an internationally recognized expert on electronic writing, netiquette, and compliance-shares 20 essential netiquette rules for employees and seven special netiquette guidelines for executives and managers. You'll learn how to strike a business-appropriate tone, keep your conversational cool, use gender-neutral language, and avoid conversational pitfalls. You'll leave with the skills necessary to write email that is 100% business-appropriate, civil, and compliant.

Course Content: Tone, Civility, and Netiquette Rules

  • Writing civil, compliant, conversational email.
  • Striking an appropriate tone.
  • Being sincere, not blunt.
  • Adhering to conversational dos & don'ts.
  • Keeping your conversation cool.
  • Using gender-neutral language.
  • Avoiding conversational pitfalls.
  • Using business-appropriate language
  • Netiquette rules: 20 best practices.
  • Special netiquette rules for executives and managers: seven guidelines.

Client Testimonials & Book Reviews

"Really hits the mark. We're going back for more." -Accounting Professional

"She was great!!!!" -Training Manager, International Accounting & Consulting firm

"This course should be mandatory for anyone in a leadership role." -MD, Physician Leadership Academy

"Valuable and enlightening. Old grade school writing myths dispelled. Management is very impressed with the immediate impact your class had. Noticeable improvement in the effectiveness of communications skills of all who attended." -Tech Company Education Committee Chairperson

"Just excellent. You brought solid information and new insights." -Superintendent, County Juvenile Detention Center

"Writing Effective E-Mail is a must-read for everyone who sends and receives e-mail in a business setting. Presented in a no-nonsense efficient style. Take this quick course to e-mail success." -Business Librarians at the Carnegie Library, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. (Review of Nancy Flynn's Writing Effective E-Mail.)

"Employees' surreptitious use of IM can come back and bite your business in the bottom line, so it pays to learn about the technology and impose policies and standards." -Harvard Business School, "Working Knowledge" newsletter. (Review of Instant Messaging Rules by Nancy Flynn.)

"A well-organized guide to implementing e-risk management….Delivers a high-level training program." -American Bar Association, "Business Law Today." (Review of E-Mail Rules by Nancy Flynn.)

"Top 10 risk management books....37 rules for retaining and managing e-mail in ways to reduce corporate liability. Good stuff!" -Claims magazine. (Review of E-Mail Rules by Nancy Flynn.)

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Published in August 2014, Nancy Flynn's Writing Effective E-Mail, 3rd Edition, has been completely updated with new content & exercises. Bonus: Sample e-mail, mobile device, and writing style policies that you can implement immediately. Buy now.

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