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FDIC Records & Email/Electronic Record Retention Rules

The ePolicy Handbook Email Rules
Are you confident that your bank is retaining email and other electronic business records in compliance with FDIC rules and the law? Could your bank survive a protracted FDIC audit or costly court sanctions triggered by record mismanagement? The FDIC requires banks to manage and retain email and other electronic records in compliance with the E-Sign Act. Federal and state law requires banks to preserve, protect, and produce electronic records in compliance with e-discovery guidelines. Many banks have unwittingly established unlawful online banking and record retention programs in violation of the federal E-Sign Act and FDIC rules. Other banks are challenged by the legally compliant management of email and other forms of electronically stored information (ESI). Thanks to smartphones and social media, banks face growing pressure (and confusion) when it comes to the compliant creation, retention, and disposition of FDIC records, business record email, and other ESI. Compliance with FDIC rules, E-Sign requirements, and the law is mandatory. Noncompliance could result in regulatory fines, legal settlements, and unhappy customers. Join The ePolicy Institute's Nancy Flynn as she reviews FDIC retention rules, E-Sign records requirements, and email/electronic record risks & rules, policies & best practices.


  • What does the FDIC require when it comes to the management & maintenance of business records?
  • What is E-Sign, and what does it legally require of banks?
  • What is an electronic business record?
  • What does the law demand when it comes to the retention & disposition of email & ESI?
  • Why & how to write effective, best practices-based email retention policies.
  • Why you must support your record retention policy with litigation hold rules.
  • Why & how to determine record lifecycles & deletion schedules for your bank.
  • How banks typically mismanage electronic business records in violation of the FDIC, E-Sign, and the law.
  • E-discovery: FDIC & courts demand prompt production of electronic evidence.
  • Electronic evidence: How to ensure your bank's electronic records are legally valid.
  • Educating employees about their individual record retention roles.
  • Technology solutions: Best practices call for email archiving to help ensure FDIC & legal compliance.
  • Real-life disaster stories: Potentially costly consequences of FDIC, E-Sign & legal noncompliance.
  • Expert advice, best practices & compliance tips you can implement immediately.
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