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Electronic Risks, Rules, Policies & Procedures:

Best Practices to Minimize Risks, Manage Behavior & Maximize Compliance

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From email and texting to smartphones and social media, employees' access to the web-and employers' exposure to potentially costly and protracted risks-is greater today than ever before. Whether responding to customers' inquiries via email, surfing social media sites, or posting company news, employees' ever-growing web use dramatically increases employers' exposure to risks including mismanaged business records, workplace lawsuits, regulatory violations, security breaches, productivity drains, and PR nightmares among others.

While mobile devices and social media facilitate fast two-way conversations, all that "free" networking can come at a steep price. Anyone with web access can establish an online presence and post negative, defamatory, or otherwise harmful comments about your company, customers, and staff. Don't let online slip-ups blemish your corporate reputation, damage relationships, or sink your career. Join ePolicy Institute Founder, Author & Trainer Nancy Flynn as she reviews email, social media, mobile device, and other electronic dangers. Learn how best practices-based policies and procedures can help minimize risks, manage compliance, and maximize communication.


  • How to communicate compliantly. Gain an understanding of the real-world risks associated with electronic business communications-litigation, regulatory investigations, security breaches, lost productivity, negative publicity, employment termination, and so on.
  • Gain an appreciation for electronic rules and policies-and why it is essential to comply with employers' formal ePolicies.
  • How to communicate clearly, compliantly, and effectively with internal and external audiences via email and other electronic communications tools.
  • Electronic record retention & disposition: the foundation of strategic compliance management.
  • Why & how you must preserve, protect & produce electronic business records created by email, texting, social media, and other electronic business communications tools.
  • Distinguishing business-critical email & ESI from insignificant, transitory messages.
  • Record retention risks & rules in the age of social media & mobile devices.
  • Legal risks & rules: complying with e-discovery, understanding Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, protecting & preserving ESI in a legally compliant fashion, facing costly penalties & sanctions for noncompliance.
  • Regulatory risks & rules: knowing & complying with government & industry record retention guidelines.
  • How to write with purpose, creating effective email, text messages, and social media content that is easy to read, understand, and act upon.
  • How to choose the "right" communications channel and tone to communicate.
  • How to anticipate (and in some cases prevent) potentially costly legal liabilities, regulatory disasters, security breaches, PR nightmares, and other electronic risks.
  • Best practices to help ensure legal, regulatory & organizational compliance.
  • Content rules designed to enhance online communication and reduce risks.
  • Personal use rules designed to minimize legal risks and maximize productivity.
  • The 3Es of electronic risk & compliance management.
  • Monitoring: reconciling privacy expectations with legal realities.
  • Learning from real-life disaster stories.
  • Expert advice, best practices & policy tips that you can implement immediately.
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