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Electronic Business Records: 7-Step Strategy for Effective & Compliant Record Management

Whether in the form of email, blog posts, tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or text messages, all electronic content has the potential to create business records. The electronic equivalent of DNA evidence, business records may be subpoenaed and used as evidence to support or sink your organization in the event of litigation or a regulatory audit. In this program, Nancy Flynn, author of The Social Media Handbook and The ePolicy Toolkit and executive director of The ePolicy Institute, will review potentially costly and protracted electronic business record risks-and will provide best practices-based rules and policies to help minimize e-discovery risks, manage records, and maximize compliance. Includes a discussion of the law, regulatory guidelines, e-discovery, policy, technology, and other important issues. You will leave this program armed with best-practices based strategies to help ensure the legally compliant preservation, protection, and production of email, social media, mobile, and other electronic business records.


  • Electronic record retention & disposition: the foundation of strategic compliance management.
  • Distinguishing business-critical email & ESI from insignificant, transitory messages.
  • Legal risks & rules: complying with e-discovery, understanding Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, protecting & preserving ESI in a legally compliant fashion, facing costly penalties & sanctions for noncompliance.
  • Regulatory risks & rules: knowing & complying with government & industry record retention guidelines.
  • Record retention risks & rules in the age of social media & mobile devices.
  • Educating users about their individual record retention & deletion roles.
  • Writing effective record retention policy.
  • Determining & implementing record lifecycles & litigation holds.
  • Technology solutions to record management.
  • Learning from real-life record mismanagement disaster stories.
  • Expert advice, best practices & policy tips that you can put to work immediately.
A Long List of Reasons Led to Lost IRS E-Mails. Nancy Flynn discusses IRS record mismanagement in USA Today.

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