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Welcome ePolicy Institute Member!

As a member of The ePolicy Institute, we welcome you to our exclusive, members-only Web site. This restricted, private-access Web site offers ePolicy Institute Members access to a library of ePolicy and eCommunication information available nowhere else. On this private site, you will find a wealth of archived materials, including the ePolicy eNews Bulletin, the ePolicy Tip Sheet, the eDisaster of the Week, ePolicy Q&A, and the ePolicy Institute Members-Only Lending Library. Be sure to visit often to check out our new Members-only content and Private Site upgrades.

eMail Policy Guide
Best Practices for Clean and Compliant, Safe and Secure Workplace E-Mail (pdf)

You'll need The Free Acrobat Reader (or the full version of Acrobat) version 3 or higher to read this transcript. You can download the Free Reader from Adobe by clicking here.

ePolicy Institute eNews Bulletin
The monthly ePolicy eNews Bulletin provides subscribers with timely, in-depth information about ePolicy development and implementation, ePolicy/ePrivacy legislation, and real-life disaster stories. Back issues are archived here for Members-only access.

March 2001 [Click Here]
Bad eMail Is Bad Business: Using a Written ePolicy to Battle Nasty, Naughty eMail
Sexual Harassment Claims: How to Protect Your Organization from eLiability
eDisaster of the Month: US Congress Overwhelmed by Constituent eMail
Truth Is Stranger than Fiction
Leading ePolicy Expert Comes Right to Your Door

ePolicy Tip Sheet
Need a quick ePolicy refresher? The ePolicy Institute's timely and topical Tip of the Week is archived here. This archive is accessible to Members only.
1/12/01: Give Employees Rules to Work By [Click Here]
1/26/01: Mind Your Electronic Manners [Click Here]
2/9/01: CyberLove Can Sink Careers and Savage Companies [Click Here]
2/20/01: Copyright Infringement Puts Employers at eRisk [Click Here]
3/16/01: Don't Rely on Luck to Keep Your Computer System Safe [Click Here]
3/23/01: Do You Know What Your Employees Are Saying to Your Customers? [Click Here]
3/30/01: Ask Before Forwarding [Click Here]
4/6/01: Think Before Banning All Personal eMail [Click Here]

eDisaster Story of the Week
When it comes to eDisasters, what you don't know can hurt you. The ePolicy Institute issues a weekly eDisaster Story, designed to serve as a cautionary tale in the age of eMail and the Internet.

1/12/01: Bad eMail Is Bad for Business [Click Here]
1/26/26: Beware eSaboteurs [Click Here]
2/9/01: The eLove Note Read Around the Globe [Click Here]
2/20/01: Inappropriate eMail Triggers Racial Discrimination Suits [Click Here]
3/16/01: Don't Let Software Pirates Sink Your Ship [Click Here]
3/23/01: Congress Overwhelmed by Wired Citizens [Click Here]
3/30/01: Spam Jams Up Verizon [Click Here]
4/6/01: CyberSlackers Cost Business Millions of Dollars and Countless Hours [Click Here]

ePolicy Q&A [Click Here]
As a featured guest on CIO's Ask the Author segment in March 2001, Nancy Flynn, author of The ePolicy Handbook and executive director of The ePolicy Institute, fielded ePolicy questions from chief information officers and other visitors to CIO A sampling of that month-long Q&A session is archived here.

ePolicy Institute Members-Only Lending Library
To keep our Members abreast of the latest in ePolicy/eCommunications news, we offer a lending library of news articles in which ePolicy Institute Executive Director Nancy Flynn was interviewed and/or The ePolicy Handbook was featured.

Members-Only Discounts and Bonuses
ePolicy Institute Members are eligible for discounts on ePolicy Institute products, services, conferences, and training tools. In addition, Members receive periodic ePolicy bonuses throughout the year. Watch your eMail and snail mail for special Members-only offers and updates.

Contact Nancy Flynn, Executive Director
Schedule permitting, Nancy is available to discuss Members' ePolicy questions and concerns via eMail or phone. Contact Nancy at 614-451-3200 (phone), 614-451-8726 (fax), or (eMail).

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