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Welcome the The ePolicy Institute Store. The #1 Source for ePolicy Books, Forms, Audio Tapes, Tool Kits, and Training Tools.

Order ePolicy Institute products through our secure online store. If your prefer, print out the order form and fax it to 614/451-8726. Telephone orders: Call 614/451-3200.

ePolicy Books
Looking for a comprehensive guide to ePolicy development and implementation? The ePolicy Handbook--new from the American Management Association and The ePolicy Institute--covers ePolicy development, CyberLaw, eInsurance, eRisk Management, eSecurity, employee training, eCrisis Communications, and more. The ePolicy Handbook simplifies the development and implementation of effective eMail, Internet, and Software Policies. "You'll feel like you've had a conversation with a well-informed friend. It's refreshing to see a book on so clinical a topic with such a friendly (but not cloyingly so), conversational tone," Alexis Gutzman, eBusiness Illuminator columnist.

Here's what other reviewers have to say about The ePolicy Handbook

"What every business book should be: easy to understand, full of practical tips, and provocative…You might not find a more useful business book this year, or next, than this one."
--Training Magazine

"If your company has an online presence-even one employee online-then buy this book."
-The Toronto Star

"A timely and comprehensive survival kit showing how to adopt and monitor effective e-policies without alienating a workforce that grew up in the computer age."
-Office Solutions

"The ePolicy Handbook is the perfect companion to have at your side when drawing up your policies."
-Legal Management

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Could your electronic writing use some help? Writing Effective E-Mail is packed with tips, techniques, examples, and exercises to help polish your eCommunications. A self-study manual from Crisp Publications and The ePolicy Institute, Writing Effective E-Mail covers everything you need to write powerful and persuasive eMail. In its second edition and published in 4 countries, Writing Effective E-Mail has been featured by The Wall Street Journal, Home Office Computing, Woman's Day, National Public Radio, and others.

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E-Mail Rules
Are you ready to reduce workplace e-risks and ensure your organization's e-mail system and communications are safe and secure, as well as clean and compliant?
The American Management Association/AMACOM Books' new title E-Mail Rules is co-authored by The ePolicy Institute's Nancy Flynn, and provides a complete toolkit for handling everything that enters-and leaves-your computer system.
E-Mail Rules provides best practices for protecting your company's electronic capital, as well as its human resources, financial assets, and future.

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The ePolicy Handbook, E-Mail Rules, and Writing Effective E-Mail are must-haves for any organization that communicates or conducts business online.

Instant Messaging Rules

Featuring 32 Best Practices for Safe, Secure, Clean & Compliant Workplace IM.

As instant messaging (IM) quickly gains popularity, organizations need to address the potentially costly challenges it brings to the workplace. Instant Messaging Rules helps you maximize the business potential of IM technology, while establishing and enforcing essential rules and policies to protect your company.

Because IM creates a written, legal record of what goes on in your organization-and its personal use can run the risk of negatively impacting productivity-Instant Messaging Rules gives you sample policies and best practices for IM usage, covering essential areas like security, training, management, and legal issues.

The newest book from ePolicy Institute Executive Director Nancy Flynn and American Management Association's AMACOM books, Instant Messaging Rules is an essential, timely guide that will help you take control of this important, cutting-edge tool.


ePolicy Forms Kit
ePolicy development is quick and easy with the ePolicy Institute Forms Kit. Download and start customizing our fill-in-the-blanks eMail, Internet, and Software templates. You receive an electronic book full of the ePolicy Institute's most popular ePolicy forms. Read More & Order

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The ePolicy Institute offers a full line of products and services designed to help employers educate employees about eRisks and the importance of ePolicy compliance. To receive detailed information about ePolicy Institute employee training products, send your request to

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