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ePolicy Institute Forms Kit   $99

ePolicy Forms Kit

The ePolicy Institute makes ePolicy development quick and easy with the Fill-in-the-Blanks ePolicy Forms Kit. 

Fill-in-the-blanks Electronic Policy Forms include:

  • E-mail Usage & Content Policies
  • IM Usage & Content Policies
  • Internet Usage & Content Policies
  • Blog Usage & Content Policies
  • Software Policies
  • Electronic Code of Conduct

Download your ePolicy Forms Kit in Word format and start customizing clear and comprehensive rules and policies for your organization immediately.

A steal at just $99. 

Thousands of satisfied customers around the globe have purchased The ePolicy Institute's Fill-in-the-Blanks ePolicy Forms Kit to help minimize risks and maximize compliance.

Order now to receive your fill-in-the-blanks ePolicy Forms Kit for just $99.

Download instructions typically e-mailed within 24 hours.


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